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savita bhabhi

8.1 View from behind his head, showing him looking in direction of door. Shower sound coming from it. Varun thinking “The door is not fully closed… Maybe I can steal a peek at bhabhi!!!”
8.2 Very small frame showing the crack in the door with Varun’s eyes visible looking through the crack. Varun saying “Wow!”
8.3 Full Length Side View of SB in the shower. Shower is on and water is falling on her. Her body is wet. SB is slightly turned to the side so her breasts and nipple are visible from the side. SB’s hand is on her hair and shower is falling on her head. SB thinking “ Water is running down her body and steam is rising in the shower.
8.4 Side view of Varun peeking into SB’s bathroom through the crack in the door. Varun is rubbing his cock through his pants. There is a small stool beside the door. Varun thinking “Wish I was in there with her.”-“I would love to lick her pussy clean…”

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