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savita bhabhi

7.1 SB face close-up drying her hair with a towel. SB saying “I’m going to take a shower! You should also change out of those wet clothes.”
7.2 SB handing Varun a towel and saying “Take some of Ashok’s clothes from our bedroom cupboard.”
7.3 Large frame – Back view of SB going into the bedroom leaving Varun in the living room with towel in his 1 hand. Varun eyeing SB and thinking “What a sexy body!!! I bet her husband fucks her every night. I definitely would!” His other hand is adjusting his cock in his pants. SB in a backless saree. Make this pic detailed and SB’s saree is sticking to her body accentuating her ass (like in page 5 of SB Miss India – 1 episode)
7.4 Varun in the bedroom with some clothes lying on the bed. Bathroom door is slightly ajar with sound of shower running coming from it. Varun looking towards the door thinking “She’s in there right now naked with water dripping over every part of her body!” – “I would give anything just to see her once like that” Show some steam coming out from the door.
A small stool with a vase on top is beside the door.

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