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savita bhabhi

6.1 Narrator’s Box – That evening
Close-up of SB’s upper body holding a file over her head. It is raining heavily. SB’s face is drenched.SB thinking looking slightly annoyed “Mishra Sir fucked me for a long time today! It even started raining.” SB is on a pavement and road in the background.
6.2 View from behind SB. She is just in front of her apartment building. A person is visible at the entry gate of the building (Glass Doors, Big Arch entrance – like this one-but not so long a corridor). SB thinking “Who is that?” SB is wearing a backless blouse. He is standing at the entry gate the building. A security guard is sitting on a chair beside him.
6.3 Close-up of Varun’s face. Varun smiling and saying “Sorry bhabhi, I forgot my house keys. Can I wait in your flat till Tarun returns?”
6.4 Full length pic of SB from behind Varun’s head. Varun thinking “Wow, she is looking sexy!” SB is fully wet. Her saree has become transparent and is sticking to her body. SB’s blouse is also wet and outline of her bra is visible. SB smiling and saying “No problem beta; Come inside.” SB is now under the verandah. Raining heavily in the background.

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