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savita bhabhi

4.1 SB close-up saying “I love cooking! So you boys are welcome to come over to my house for a snack anytime.”
4.2 Close-up of Tarun’s face thinking “What a hot bhabhi. I would really like to have some of those big firm mangoes.” Frame 4.2 & 4.4 could be to the left on top of each other with dream sequence on the side.
4.3 Close-up of Varun’s face thinking “I would love to give this bhabhi a taste of my cock as a snack!”
4.4 Large thought bubble frame showing 2 pics of SB.
1) Tarun sucking on SB’s breasts with SB moaning.
2) SB close-up licking Varun’s cock. (She is licking the cock tip and pressing her nipples.) Make this a full page frame (high quality)
Keep both boys clothes same but different colors.

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