Page 35

savita bhabhi

35.1 SB’s face close-up sucking Tarun’s cock. Her eyes are closed in pleasure and she is thinking “Ahh…His tongue is so good…He’s licking at just the right spots…Mmmm”-“I think I’m about to cum!”
35.2 Tarun’s face close-up licking SB’s pussy. He is using his fingers to spread open her pussy. SB moan in background “Mmmm” “Ahh” Sound Bubbles – “Lick Lick”
35.3 SB face close-up as she is shouting in pleasure and cumming.(She is not sucking his cock right now) .SB moaning “Ah…Ahh”-“That’s it…Ahhh”-“I’m Cumming….AAAHHHH”
35.4 Frame showing just SB’s face (NO BACKGROUND). SB looking spent and thinking “Ahh… It’s been so long since I’ve had such an intense orgasm just by someone licking my pussy…”
35.5 Side view of SB looking down at Tarun’s cock which is now erect and poking it with her finger and saying “Looks like you’re ready to go again.”

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