Page 31

savita bhabhi

31.1 View of Savita from Tarun’s eyes. She still has his cock inside her mouth. Savita thinking “Should I say something?” – “Though that would be difficult with his cock in my mouth!”
31.2 SB sucking Tarun’s cock while her one hand is inside her panties fingering herself. SB thinking “Mmmm…all this sucking has made me really wet…and I suppose one cock is as good as the other…” Tarun has his hands on SB’s head.
31.3 SB face close-up licking Tarun’s cock tip. SB saying “Mmmm…”
31.4 Tarun’s face close-up moaning “Bhabhiiii…”-“I’m Cumming…get ready!”
31.5 Closeup of SB’s face with Taruns cock stuffed in her mouth. “Looks like it wasn’t in Varun’s luck to be the first of the two to fill my mouth with his cum”

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