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savita bhabhi

29.1 SB close-up. She is just in her panties and saying “Let’s continue this in the bedroom…”
29.2 Large high quality frame showing SB sitting on her knees on the floor beside the bed and pulling her hair back with 1 hand and holding Tarun’s cock in her other hand and bringing it near her mouth. SB smiling while looking at his cock. SB saying “Mmmm…Looks delicious!”-“Bhabhi is going to give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had!!!” SB wearing just her panties. Tarun is completely naked.
29.3 SB face close-up. She is dropping her saliva along the length of his cock.
29.4 View from Tarun’s eyes. SB holding his dick in one hand and rubbing her hand up and down his saliva covered dick. (SB looking upward and smiling with a lusty look and saying “First…”-“Let’s get it wet!”

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