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savita bhabhi

28.1 Two Small frames side by side showing SB’s hand unzipping and releasing his cock. Only hand and zipper is visible. 1st frame is of her opening his zipper and second frame showing his cock poking out of his open zip with SB’s hand on it.
28.2 Frame showing SB’s breast and Tarun’s open mouth licking SB’s nipple. Tarun is looking upward towards SB’s face. SB saying “Ummm… Wait a minute!” View from SB’s eyes.
28.3 View of Tarun looking up quizzically at SB whose back is visible and she is opening her blouse from the back. SB’s hands are unhooking her blouse from the back. SB saying “Let’s get rid of these clothes first…”
28.4 Front view of SB from Tarun’s eyes. SB is topless and bending forward as she is pulling her half saree down her hips. She is wearing a black lace panty.

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