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savita bhabhi

23.1 SB and Tarun sitting on the same sofa. SB in a half saree and her blouse is very deep cut so her cleavage is showing. SB pulling at her blouse and saying “It’s getting really hot this month; isn’t it?” .Tarun staring at SB. Tarun is eating a pastry.
23.2 SB face close-up smiling naughtily and saying “So, Did you enjoy last evening?”
23.3 Tarun face close-up. Tarun thinking “Varun must have told her about the party I went to yesterday.” Tarun saying “Ah yes, It was just fine…”
23.4 SB face close-up looking slightly annoyed and thinking “Just Fine!!!”-“Looks like I’ll have to teach this boy that Savita doesn’t let the men leave her men unsatisfied…”

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