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savita bhabhi

10.1 Large high quality full length frame
SB’s upper body is visible till her thighs. SB is holding the door with one hand and holding a towel in front of her with other hand. SB thinking “I think I have a peeping Tom here”-“And I know just how to handle him.” She has not wrapped the towel around her. In her hurry she is just holding one end of the towel close to her body. PICTURE – Like this pic from the front. Also the towel is lot shorter and less wide so it is barely covering her breasts and it is held just above the level of her nipples which can be seen pointing up from the towel. The towel length is just till below her pussy.
10.2 SB holding the towel to her chest (her cleavage is visible) saying “Wait Varun, the hot water is not coming in the bathroom…Could you check it please?” SB has a mischievous smile on her face
10.3 Varun’s close-up looking confused, saying “Uh, ok bhabhi.”

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