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savita bhabhi

1.1 Living Room Scene. Ashok’s face visible reading the paper. SB is behind him at the window looking outside. SB is wearing a short night gown. SB saying “Did you see Ashok, someone just moved into the apartment across the hall! I should go and welcome the neighbors.”
1.2 SB in salwar kameez talking to an elder woman in a living room (the living room is bare with boxes lying on the floor). SB saying “Hi, I’m Mrs. Patel. I live across the street.” Woman saying “Oh, nice to meet you. I’m Mrs. Verma. My son’s are moving in here, and I came by to help them get settled.” In background 2 identical boys moving some furniture.
1.3 Close-up of SB & Mrs. Verma. Verma saying “They have just started college and they will stay here instead of the hostel.”
SB saying “Oh, so these are your sons!”
1.4 SB standing along with Mrs. Verma and her sons. Mrs. Verma introducing her sons “He is Tarun & he is Varun.” 2 twins standing in front smiling at SB and saying “Hello Bhabhi.” Together. Twins are standing in different styles and wearing different colored shirts.