Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

40.1 SB and Tarun standing in front of the door. Tarun looking towards SB and saying “So bhabhi…was this just a onetime thing…”-“Or can I drop by for a ‘snack’ sometime later again?” Tarun looking slightly embarrassed while asking this.
40.2 SB standing closer to Tarun’s body now and whispering into his ear “Mmmm…If you can keep this thing to yourself. I’m sure I can cook up something really HOT for you every time you’re here.” Face close-up.
40.3 Narrator’s Box – “Later”
Living Room scene. Ashok is undoing his tie. Ashok saying “Savvi Darling…Did you make the pastries I asked you to make for me?” Ashok has just returned from the office.
40.4 SB’s face poking through the kitchen door saying “Sorry Ashok, the neighbor boys showed up…”-“And you know how much I like taking care of the guests!”
40.5 SB face close-up smiling mischievously and thinking “Mmmm, I wonder if I’ll ever get a chance to take care of both my ‘Guests’ at the same time?” – “We’ll have to wait and see!” No background required in this frame.

savita bhabhi
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