Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 38

savita bhabhi

38.1 Side view of SB and Tarun in same position but they are kissing now. Speech bubble from both “Mmmmm” Upper body only visible.
38.2 Close-up side view of SB and Tarun’s faces while kissing (show a little bit of tongue).
38.3 SB is sitting upright on his cock again and Tarun is massaging her breasts. SB running 1 hand through her hair and moaning “Ah Ha Ah…Tarun…”-“I can feel your cock so deep inside me…” Front View of SB.
38.4 Tarun’s face close-up “Bhabhi… I’m cumming.” Last 2 frames side by side.
38.5 SB’s face close-up moaning “Me too…Let’s cum together…”

savita bhabhi
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