Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 11

savita bhabhi

11.1 View from behind SB’s back. Varun in the bathroom on his knees holding the knobs of the taps in his hands. SB’s bare back visible. Varun saying “It’s working bhabhi, there was no problem!” SB saying “Oh sorry, must be my mistake.”
11.2 Close-up of SB. SB holding towel to her chest. Her cleavage is visible and she is still wet. SB saying “Oh, you have got wet… why don’t you take off your wet clothes and take a shower!”
11.3 Narrators Box – 5 mins later
Frame showing Varun’s back and he is naked and washing himself in the shower. Varun thinking “Damn, she’s made me so hard; I’m going to jack off right here.”
11.4 SB’s face poking into the bathroom through the door. SB thinking “Oh my, he’s jacking off to me in my own bathroom! Such a waste of good cum, maybe I can help him with that?”
11.5 View from behind SB’s head. Only back of her head visible. Varun is jacking off in the shower. SB saying “Varun beta, do you need a hand?”