Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 12

savita bhabhi

12.1 Close-up of Varun’s face looking surprised and embarrassed saying “B…bhabhi I…I was just…”
12.2 SB smiling naughtily & saying “Varun, I was thinking that maybe I could wash your back for you…”
12.3 Varun sitting on a stool with a towel lay across his thighs so his cock is not visible. But the towel is slightly lifted as his cock is erect. SB in a short towel wrapped around her waist washing his back from behind. Side View
12.4 Small Frame showing SB’s hand holding his erect cock through his towel.
12.5 SB face close-up whispering into Varun’s ears with a seductive look on her face “I think you need a really good wash down here, Varun.”

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